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Mutamahin is a one of a kind training program run by the CFA Society Bahrain for university graduates. The program aims to bridge the employability gap between employers and job seekers through a series of workshops designed to equip participants with the necessary employability skills required to enter the workforce.


What is Mutamahin?

 Mutamahin ( متمهن ) is an arabic term that means the apprentice

Mutamahin was launched in 2014 as an opportunity for fresh university graduates to gain promising internships with prominent and notable employers in the Kingdom of Bahrain by undergoing a series of workshops and training sessions focusing on employability skills that are necessary to have when entering the competitive job market. Mutamahin's main objective is to bridge the gap between fresh university graduates and employers. The program enables and equips the candidates to enhance their knowledge and build their skills to enter the job market and kick-start their careers. Each session is taught by highly qualified trainers specialized in enhancing employability to ensure proper development of these specific skills and ensure a thorough grasp of the content.

Achievements we are proud of


 More than 300 students undergone the training program.


More than 150 internship opportunities secured.


More than 100 Full-time job opportunity secured.


More than 20 prominent and notable employer participated.

Our Stakeholders

Our stakeholders include:

  • University Students and Graduates - The participants of the program.

  • Trainers and Coaches - The responsible for the delivery of the workshops and training sessions.

  • Employers and Sponsors - The providers of internships, job opportunities, funding and strategic support.

University Students and Graduates

Students and university graduates can apply for the Mutamahin Program, the application is open to the public, allowing those who wish to improve their skills the opportunity of joining the Mutamahin program.

Trainers and Coaches

Trainers and Coaches are selected based on their experience in the specified field, their association with renowned organizations, and their ability to customize and deliver the training sessions in an interactive and fun way.

Employers and Sponsors

One of the main pillars of Mutamahin's success is the collaboration with prominent and notable institutions. Partners and employers have an influential say on the student onboarding criteria and trainers and training session development.

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