Mutamahin ..

What? How? Why?

Mutamahin ( متمهن ) is an arabic term that means the apprentice.

Mutamahin is a one of a kind training program run by the CFA Society Bahrain.

The program aims to bridge the employability gap between employers and job seekers through a series of workshops designed to equip participants with the necessary employability skills required to enter the workforce.

Mutamahin was launched in 2014 as a program to train graduates and job seekers with a goal of improving their soft skills and help them develop and improve the skills required by the market; by doing so, the program injects the market with work-ready graduates and job seekers that are more likely to meet the expectations and needs of the employers and the labor market.

In today’s challenging market conditions, fresh graduates must develop a set of premium skills to successfully penetrate the job market and secure jobs.


Key Challenges &

Our Solution!

We recognize that there is a skill gap between Employers and Fresh graduates!

  • Employers who seek the best candidates who can immediately add value to their institutions,

  • Fresh graduates who may possess strong technical skills but lack the ability to find a job to put them on the right career path.


That is why we have carefully designed the Mutamahin program! To:

  • Empower young graduates and develop their employability skills,

  • Create a generation of ethical, dedicated, and reliable professionals.


Founded & Established 



Students & Alumni



Work Opportunities 



Trainers & Speakers



Our most important stakeholder, we are carefully designing the program to better match them with the employers. We focus on enhancing the attributes that enable the students to engage in meaningful interactions with others to enhance their chances of employability.


Onboarding Process

  1. Online Application

  2. Virtual Interview


Training Program

Selected candidates will undergo a training program covering 10 topics, with a focus on one topic each week.


Work Opportunities

Candidates will be assessed throughout the program; candidates with high scores will be eligible for internships and job opportunities.

Applying to the program is open to the public, allowing those who wish to improve their skills the opportunity of joining the Mutamahin program.

Applications are closed


One of the main pillars of Mutamahin's success is the collaboration with prominent and notable institutions. Employers' feedback has an influential say on the student onboarding criteria, training sessions, and internships.


Value Added to Employers


  • Providing tailored calibers to align with the employer’s strategy and requirements.

  • On-demand accessibility to a pool of qualified and work-ready candidates.

  • Elevating the employer’s status through investing in local talent.


Collaboration Terms


  • Skills Identification

We identify together with the employer the current and future skill set requirements for the employer; skills required are incorporated into the training program to ensure the participants are graduating from the program in line with the employer's needs and requirements.


  • Job Shadowing

We design together with the employer a session where the participants follow and observe a professional for a short period of time, such as a day. The participants, after they've shadowed, will have a better understanding of what professionals do each day and whether or not they see themselves following that career path.

Join our innovative and passionate Employers Community, connect with the Employers Team to learn more about how to collaborate with the Mutamahin program.