Why Mutamahin?

In today’s challenging market conditions, fresh graduates must develop a set of premium skills to penetrate the job market and secure jobs successfully. 

We recognize that there is a skill gap between Employers and Fresh graduates!

  • Employers who seek best candidates who can immediately add value to their institutions, 

  • Fresh graduates who may possess strong technical skills but lack the ability to find a job to put them on the right career path.

That is why we have carefully designed the Mutamahin program! To empower young graduates and develop their employability skills, to create a generation of ethical, dedicated, and seasoned financial professionals.

Program Structure


Candidates register and are shortlisted based on Mutamahins’ thorough built criteria system to select the best of the best.


12-weeks of intensive training, as well as an all new off-site visit to financial institutions and an assessment for Mutamahin’s selected candidates to give the top employers the most equipped candidates they could find

Internships and Jobs

Candidates are assessed on presentation and implementation of sessions’ learning through an interview. Top candidates are rewarded with internship opportunities with renowned employers in the Kingdom.

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