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When does Mutamahin start?

Mutamahin Program 2021 will begin from July 2021 as of the tentative schedule. Our team is currently working to bring this program to you virtually. The program launch and details will be soon announced on the Mutamahin Website.

Will the Mutamahin Program 2021 be entirely virtual?

Due to the Covid pandemic, the current situation has led to careful consideration for our trainers’ and participants' health and safety. As such, Mutamahin Program 2021 is proud to hold all its sessions virtually for the first time.

What is the duration of the program?

Mutamahin Program 2021 is scheduled to run for 12 weeks where each session will be held on Saturdays. During this period, candidates will gain exposure to speakers of different backgrounds and industries. Additionally, this program provides candidates with job shadowing opportunities for an ultimate hands-on learning experience!

Who can join the Mutamahin Program?

Mutamahin training program aims to support and aid fresh graduates, university students, and young job seekers looking to improve their soft and hard skills to gain industry experience and become the top desired candidate for employers.

How will the Mutamahin Program benefit me?

We recognize that there is a skill gap between employers and fresh graduates. Most fresh graduates or job seekers may have the technical skills but lack the necessary soft skills to set them apart in the industry, which is why we have created Mutamahin. The program equips you with the right set of skills and tools required for you to advance in your career and put you on the right path, with the help of intensive sessions that tackle essential industry-specific skills that employers are seeking. Moreover, enrolling in Mutamahin is a notable recognition amongst employers in Bahrain, thus increasing candidates' chances of getting noticed and hired!

Are there any job opportunities at the end of the program?

Throughout the Mutamahin program, candidates receive exclusive access to mentors, trainers, speakers, internships, and job opportunities, all of which enable them to better position themselves in the job market by receiving relevant industry skills along with the opportunity to network with industry professionals.