Program Structure

Onboarding Process 

  1. Online  Application

  2. Interview with Mutamahin Team

  3. Final Selection


Training Program 

Selected candidates will undergo a training program covering 10 topics. with a focus on one topic each week (Saturday), starting from January to March 2020.



Mutmahin 2020  will cover the following topics

  • Team Building and Collaboration 

  • Ethics and Work Etiquette

  • Leadership and Social Influence

  • Personal Finance and Budgeting

  • Public Speaking and Confidence

  • Problem Solving and Decision Making

  • Negotiating and Influencing Skills 

  • Social Media and Presentations

  • Networking and Building Relationships

  • CV Writing and Interview Skills


Internships and Full-time Jobs 

Candidates will be assessed throughout the program, candidates with high scores will be eligible for the internships and job opportunities.

Team Building and Collaboration

Team building session will be important for the candidates as their first session to enable better communication, better relationships and ultimately increases productivity.

Ethics and Work Etiquette

Work ethics session will help and enable candidates to understand the importance of treating all as equal and think from others perspective as well.

Presentation and Assessment

After completion of the sessions, candidates are now equipped with all of the knowledge and skill set to be competitive and unique in the workplace. During the presentation and assessment, candidates will be given the opportunity to showcase their enhanced skills and learnings from the program by presenting their project to industry professionals.  

Training Sessions for 2021 

Networking and Building Relationships

Our candidates will learn the importance of building connections and how they provide an invaluable opportunity to prepare for their professional goals. They will learn that their resources and skills will always be beneficial in their career.

CV Writing and Interview Skills

The final session for candidates will be their major boost to getting in their first job opportunities. Key points and insider tips are given to show how successful interviews are undergone and the do’s and don'ts of interviews and CV writing are in-depth explained to help further jump-start their professional life. 

NLP and Emotional Intelligence

NLP and emotional intelligence. 

Negotiating and Influencing Skills

Candidates will learn the art of negotiation to reach a the target and satisfy all parties involved. The session also provides candidates with the qualities necessary to effectively influence decisions and stakeholders. 

Problem Solving and Decision Making

Problem-solving will help enable candidates to exert control over their work environment and personal lives to push them to figure out why some things need solutions and also push them to determine a course of action to fix them.

Career Success

The session will equip candidates with the tools and skills that are instrumental to earn and keep a job in the competitive market. Led by INJAZ Bahrain, candidates will get an all-in-one session covering critical thinking, communication, creativity, personal branding and more. 

Personal Finance and Budgeting

A crucial session to help make candidates understand and learn the importance of budgeting and being in control of their finances at such a young age and before, during, and after joining the work-force.

Intelligent Communication Skills

Candidates must understand the importance of effective communication skills to set them apart in the competitive labor market. With this session, leading expert will focus on the dynamics of communication to strengthen interpersonal and professional relationships.  

Public Speaking and Confidence

This session will boost the confidence of the candidates and the fact that candidates will need to learn how to work out how to communicate with others effectively makes them also understand their content and convey it even better.

Leadership and Social Influence

The leadership session will help candidates learn to maximize efficiency and to achieve organizational goals within their work.

Speakers and Trainers

We are working on onboarding speakers and trainers who possess excellent presentation skills and deep industry expertise. We shall post here the confirmed list of the trainers and speakers who shall be part of Mutamahin 2020.

Stay Tuned!


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