Joining Mutamahin 2020


  • Students need to apply online and fill out the application form.  

  • Application is screened and reviewed by The Mutamahin team.

  • Shortlisting of candidates

  • Candidates must be either graduate (0-2 years post-graduation) or Soon-to-graduate.


Thus having candidates within the same age group, matching the mindsets of the candidates when performing activities and interacting with each other. This also makes it easier for the trainers to tailor and customize the sessions, activities, and tasks towards the targeted audience. 

Selection Process

The next stage is to interview the shortlisted candidates and select the top candidates based on the following criteria.

  • Self-motivated: to assess their level of motivation to learn the necessary skills

  • Commitment: to be able to attend all sessions in a timely and professional manner

  • Confidence: to evaluate the candidate’s level of awareness and confidence in handling tasks

  • Interest: to assess the candidate’s level of interest in the program to gauge their commitment.

  • English proficiency: to be able to effectively communicate 


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